Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Return to Guanella Pass

November 23, 2008

Richard Stevens:

Texas birder Lynn Barber and I headed up to Guanella Pass (Clear Creek County) to find a White-tailed Ptarmigan for her "big year".

Conditions were quite different than last Thursday (11/20) when I was up there. Thursday there was little wind and temperatures in the 40s. Today winds were 40+ mph with gusts into the high 50s.

It took us about 2.5 hours. Lynn finally found a group of 4 Ptarmigan. As is sometimes the case, I had found a group of 6 about 2 minutes before she found hers. We were about 400 yards apart at the time.

She is having quite a year! Look for her website for updates on her progress.

After she headed back to Texas, I drove over to Barr Lake. I was not able to relocate the Tundra Swans reported yesterday by Dave Cameron. There were thousands of White-cheeked Geese. Among them were several Ross's Geese.

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