Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Return to Cherry Creek Reservoir

November 24, 2008

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca Kosten and I drove down to Franktown and nearby Walker Pit to search for the Tundra Swans and possible Barrow's Goldeneye reported yesterday by Hugh Kingery. Neither species was around at 1:00pm.

Later we stopped at the Bird Observation Platform at the Cottonwood Creek Loop of Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe). Nine Bonaparte's Gulls stood on the delta off the platform.

Winds were calm and the water was like glass. We did not find the Long-tailed Duck or Common Loon(s). The male Barrow's Goldeneye was observed in the southeast corner. It was with about 30 Common Goldeneyes. They whole raft were swimming directly toward the bird platform (that is until a jet ski came by and scared them back to the southeast corner).

I walked down to the south end of the 12 mile Beaver Pond. Nothing uncommon was located.

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