Sunday, November 16, 2008

Back Owling In Jackson & Larimer Counties

November 7, 8 & 9, 2008

Richard Stevens:

We headed into the mountains late on Friday to do some owling.

As expected we did not find any Flammulated Owls on Pennock Pass (Larimer County). Cameron Pass and the Crags Campgrounds did not add a Boreal Owl to our trip list.

Saturday morning we headed into Routt County to try and relocate some interesting birds reported by Tom Litteral.

The 4 Tundra Swans were still at Lake Catamount. We had to search through many waterfowl at Stagecoach State Recreation Area in order to relocate the 2 Surf Scoters, Greater Scaup and 8 Barrow's Goldeneyes.

After dark we went owling in the Colorado State Forest. Winds were quite loud and fast and hearing a Boreal Owl seemed impossible. The Cameron Pass and Crag Campgrounds areas did not produce.

Finally at 4:30am on Sunday morning, we found a Boreal Owl about 0.4 miles up Ruby Jewel Road from Michigan Creek Road.

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