Sunday, November 2, 2008

Aurora Reservoir

October 31, 2008

Richard Stevens:

I received a call from Bill Cryder of a possible Black Scoter at Aurora Reservoir. So much for plans to stay home and do chores (they were kindly still there when I returned home). I parked at Bill's home on the south side of Aurora Reservoir. A walk of about 3/4 mile gets one to a hill where about 90 percent of the reservoir can be scoped (take the left fork at the bottom of the hill and continue straight 1/2 mile). From the north end/dam I have always figured that only 70 percent of the reservoir can be scoped.

The Black Scoter was swimming around in the cove/bay east of mile marker 2.5. A pair of Common Loons were swimming in the cove at mile marker 4.0. A Pacific Loon was alone at the mm 4.5 cove. I do not believe that any of these birds could have been seen from the north end. The loons probably could have been observed from the swim beach. But the southern cove (Black Scoter) could not.

I am not that familiar with the new southern walk-in entrance to Aurora Reservoir. The sign states that it is presently open from 7:00am to 7:00pm. With tonight's time change, this may also change. It also states that the gate will be closed in inclement weather.

I do know that on two of the dozens of times I have parked near the dam and circled the 9 miles around the reservoir, that twice Rangers have decided to close the park early due to bad weather. They gave me a ride back to my car to speed up the process (I was the only visitor in the park). Whether one could get locked out of the southern entrance while inside the park, that could be in question. I know that I am no longer capable of climbing over the fence.

So Beware

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