Saturday, November 12, 2016

Owling In Park County

November 11-12, 2016

Richard Stevens:

November 11

Terry Michaels continued our owling in Park County.  The Northern Pygmy-Owl was again heard near the St. Mary's Church of the Rockies.  We would find two additional Northern Pygmy-Owls (Tomahawk Ranch & Conestoga Road) and a Northern Saw-whet Owl  (Conestoga Road south of Derringer Court) this night.

November 12

We scoped both of the Park County Reservoirs starting at civil twilight.  Winds were 14 mph, gusts to 23 mph (not the best conditions to find birds swimming on the surface). 

No Short-eared Owl was found at Eleven Mile Reservoir this morning.  If the Red Phalarope was out there, we did not conjure it up.  Nothing like trying to find an 8.5 inch bird swimming in foot high waves.

We did manage to pick out the Black Scoter and three Common Loons in the waves at Eleven Mile Reservoir.  Two Surf Scoters were the only uncommon birds found at nearby Spinney Mountain Reservoir.

After dark, we found two additional Northern Pygmy-Owls in Park County (CR 61, south of CR 96 & CR 61, east of Forest Road 873), and then missed Boreal Owls at Weston Pass.

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