Sunday, November 6, 2016

Comments on the October 16 Mystery Bird Post

Comment on 10/16/2016 post:

As one can see on the November Colorado Birding Society's website:

The mystery bird was an American Woodcock. It is the third Arapahoe County record. I first found the bird along Murphy's Creek (some maps it is called Sand Creek) on 10/16. Only two birders of the nine I called were able to come out and see it. Terry Michaels relocated at first light on 10/17. It was not relocated afterwards.

When I walked Murphy's Creek, it flew a short ways down the swallow creek. It call was not that of a Wilson's Snipe which made me pursue it.

The bird had an injured right leg.  Barely able to walk and its flight was quite erratic.

It was getting dark and my photos were also. I lighten them with Photoshop. Photo will also be on November's "Colorado Field Notes":

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