Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Cherry Creek Reservoir Once Again

October 31, 2016

Richard Stevens:

While doing chores I passed through Cherry Creek State Park (Arapahoe County).  I believe Colorado reached a record high 79 degrees today; winds were 5 mph, gusts to 8 mph.

I scoped the lake from below the dam and found little but Western Grebes and American Coots.  Then I scoped from the east side of the Lake Loop for 50 minutes, again finding few birds, but enjoying the beautiful day.

Then a glimpse of a loon and I decided to stay to identify.  It took another 20 minutes to confirm it was a Common Loon.  The Loon would stay under water for almost a minute, then surface for only a count of two.

At one of the brief glimpses, the head appeared to be too rounded and gray for a Common Loon.  I spent another 30 minutes before confirming that it was a Red-throated Loon. 

Eventually I saw two and then possibly three loons surface at the same time (nearer sunset).  At least one Common Loon, one Red-throated Loon and possibly the other Red-throated Loon are still there.

While watching the waves for the surfacing loons, a pair of Bonaparte's Gulls hunted along the east side of the Lake Loop.  Later they "turned" into four Bonaparte's Gulls.

Another great fall day in Colorado!

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