Sunday, November 27, 2016

Loveland Pass and Drive to the DIA Owl Loop

November 27, 2016

Richard Stevens:

The day was cooler than recent days.  Birding and friends were great!

Normally I do not go into the mountains on Sunday, too much traffic.  My two Missouri birding campions only had today to bird.

We scoped the hillside east of the first pullover south of Loveland Pass (Clear Creek).  Two White tailed Ptarmigan were hunkered under one of the evergreen trees.  It did take about 40 minutes to find them.

Next we went to a friend's home and found three species of Rosy Finches, Pine Grosbeaks, Evening Grosbeaks, Downy, Hairy and one Three toed Woodpeckers, and a few other mountain species.  Unfortunately due to past experiences his yard is not open to the public.

After dropping my birding partners off I stopped at the East 6th Avenue Pond at Harvest Road.  Hundreds of White cheeked Geese, one Ross's Goose, two Snow Geese and a Great White fronted Goose.  When the geese are not there, they appear to go to the High School on the other side of Harvest or the field east of the cell phone building along 6th Avenue.

I sat at a high point along the DIA Owl Loop before sunset.  No Short eared Owls appeared this evening.

Contined Good Birding!

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