Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birding Around Denver Today

Richard Stevens:

I find myself again behind in updating my Blog. Limited access, long days and a tired body, tonight I finally found time to catch up!

November 29, 2011

Bryan Ehlmann and I were at Denver City Park (Denver County) about an hour before sunrise. We searched unsuccessfully for Eastern Screech-Owls in the cold, quite cold air.

A quick look found the Long-tailed Duck at appropriately named Duck Lake. After the Zoo opened, we checked to make sure no Long-tailed Ducks were part of their collection. They agreed; the bird must be wild.

From there, we drove over to Red Rocks Park (Jefferson). The Golden-crowned Sparrow had not been reported in a week or so. It still has not; the sparrow was a no show.

Our fortune did not ameliorate at the South Platte Birding Area (Adams) at 88th avenue and Colorado Blvd. We walked south to I270 and back without finding any uncommon waterfowl. We knew the Barrow's Goldeneyes had to be there somewhere; however, their hiding place was not detected.

A lone Northern Shrike "hung out" on the fence bordering the Engineer Pond.

After a late lunch, we drove out to Banner Lakes Wildlife Area (Adams). At least one Long-eared Owl is out there again this winter. A Great Horned Owl was along the path to pond 13. No Short-eared Owls came out at dusk.

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