Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some Great Yuma County Birds

November 30, 2011

Richard Stevens:

Bryan Ehlmann and I drove to Burlington Colorado. A surprise American Woodcock has been in a yard at the north end of town. The bird was a great start to our trip!

A trip through Bonny Reservoir and Hale Ponds found Eastern Screech-Owls both at Hale Ponds and along Yuma County Road 3 (between Foster's Grove Campgrounds and Hwy 385).

We also relocated a Northern Saw-whet Owl that has been in the area for several weeks.

A Harris's Sparrow was along Yuma County Road 4 (east of Hale). A flock of 50+ Cedar Waxwings was also at Hale.

We searched several riparian areas on the trip to Wray for Eastern Screech-Owls and/or Barn Owls; without success.

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