Saturday, December 24, 2011

Snowy Owl Search Turned to West, Logan County

December 23, 2011

Richard Stevens:

We stopped to listen to the two Eastern Screech-Owls calling at Roger Danka's ranch and then headed west.

Having not heard of any additional reports in the northeast corner of Colorado, Bryan Ehlmann and I drove around Logan County today (mostly north of I76). We did venture into Weld County as far as Highway 71. There was no sighting of the Snowy Owl reported north of Avalo (Weld) on 12/21.

Again, we tried to hit most of the roads with open land. The many stops were scoped for any sign of a Snowy Owl; without success. There was no sign of the Snowy Owl near Sterling Reservoir.

We only stopped at Sterling Reservoir to ask about any sightings and handout our email addresses and telephone numbers.

While no Snowy Owl was found, we enjoyed "exploring" the many roads in Logan County. Nothing like looking for a needle in a haystack (a large haystack), especially when there may not be a needle in that haystack anymore!

Tomorrow we try Weld and northern Morgan Counties.

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