Saturday, December 24, 2011

More Snowy Owl Searches, Sedgwick County

December 22, 2011

Richard Stevens:

After checking Jumbo and Little Jumbo Reservoirs for Snowy Owls (none found), Bryan Ehlmann and I drove most of the roads in Sedgwick County. A Long-eared Owl was found in the windbreak at Little Jumbo Reservoir (Red Lion Wildlife Area).

We stopped several times when we ran into people along the road. They were asked about Snowy Owls and informed that several were in the area. I made another dozen contacts for future bird sightings, passed out my email address, website address and cell phone number.

We were quite confident that most likely locations for a Snowy Owl were covered; without success.

Late in the afternoon, we found ourselves on the south side of I76. Our birding day ended with a walk into the southern section of Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area. No Snowy Owls were found; however, we did see a Short-eared Owl about 500 yards north of Logan County Road 46 at 50-100 yards west of CR 91.

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