Monday, December 19, 2011

Golden and Denver Bird Searches

December 19, 2011

Richard Stevens:

An interesting day, weather-wise, I do not believe that the snowstorm was predicted. Fortunately, the Denver area only received a dusting of snow.

"Inspired" by our Yellow-bellied Sapsucker sighting yesterday, Bryan Ehlmann and I drove over to Golden to search for additional sapsuckers. One Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was found in our 3 hour search. It was along Ford Street (moved north from 16th to 14th streets).

We searched for the Tundra Swans reported Saturday. However, we were never able to determine if the correct lake was searched. No swans were found (Tucker Lake, Arvada Reservoir and one unnamed lake).

After dusk, we walked a Denver neighborhood in search of Eastern Screech-Owls. Two owls were found. (By the way, our search area was Five Points, not a recommended search area).

On the way over, we drove through Denver City Park. The Long-tailed Duck was still on Duck Lake.

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