Sunday, December 11, 2011

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December 6, 2011

Richard Stevens:

A little after midnight, Bryan Ehlmann and I found (heard only) Boreal Owls on both the east and west sides of Cameron Pass (Larimer/Jackson). Two were heard on the east side (between the Summit and Joe Wright reservoir) and one just west of the Summit.

After a few hours sleep, we checked feeders around Gould and the Colorado State Forest. Nothing unexpected was found.

In the late afternoon, we snowshoed up Ruby Jewell Road. The forest was quiet this night; no Boreal Owls were found. Snowshoeing after dark (our return trip) in a forest with almost no wind is quite a treat! We could have heard a pin drop (well not in the snow of course). Our trek was quite pleasant in spite of missing the owls.

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