Sunday, December 11, 2011

Continued Search for Snowy Owl, Common Ground-Dove

December 2, 2011

Richard Stevens:

After wandering Yuma County the last couple of days in search of Snowy Owls, Bryan Ehlmann and I headed north into Phillips and Sedgwick Counties. Still no Snowy Owls were found.

We stopped for 30 minutes at the S. Platte River south of Julesburg. The Common Ground-Dove was quite cooperative. We got great looks although from too far away for photos.

Our next stop was Julesburg Wildlife Area (Sedgwick). The uncommon sparrows found last week were not relocated. A consolation, a pair of Rusty Blackbirds was along the Platte River (about 350 yards east of the parking area).

Our birding day ended at the southeast corner of Jumbo Reservoir (Logan/Sedgwick). No Short-eared Owls came out tonight.

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