Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Georgetown Christmas Count

December 26, 2011

Richard Stevens:

Today we conducted the Georgetown Christmas Count. The center point is such that Loveland Pass is in the count circle.

Bryan Ehlmann and I found 2 White-tailed Ptarmigan south of Loveland Pass' Summit (at first pullover on right/west side of the highway).

We also observed small flocks of Rosy Finches (Gray-crowned and a few Brown-capped) while walking around the Summit.

About an hour before sunset, Bryan and I cross country skied up the Hunkidori Trail. After dusk, two Boreal Owls responded to our recordings. They were at least 1-1.5 miles west of the trailhead.

Before the hike, I passed out "Colorado Field Notes", my email address and cell phone number. On feeder counter found a Northern Pygmy-Owl south of Montezuma.

Bryan and I also ventured a mile up both St. Johns and Argentine Pass trails. No additional owls were encountered.

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