Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Park and Chaffee Counties

November 26, 2011

Richard Stevens:

I returned to Park County to look into the water conditions. Antero Reservoir was 95 percent frozen. Spinney Mountain Reservoir was 75 percent ice covered, while Eleven Mile Reservoir was only 20 percent ice covered.

Not many waterfowl were on any of the lakes. One Common Loon and a few ducks swam on Spinney Mountain Reservoir. A flock of 6-8 Brown-capped Rosy Finches flew over while I was scanning the lake.

Eleven Mile Reservoir was a little more interesting. A White-winged Scoter and another Common Loon were among a dozen common ducks.

Buffalo Creek Campgrounds and Rough and Tumbling Creek BLM lands had few birds moving around.

I struck out on relocating the Lewis's Woodpeckers in Buena Vista (Chaffee) and the Pinyon Jays along Ruby Mountain Road.

After dark, I drove to the BLM land north of the Buena Vista Overlook. I set out several "owl listening stations" (playing Northern Saw-whet Owls recordings). No owls responded. The question of where Northern Saw-whet Owls winter in Colorado or if they do, still to be answered.

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