Saturday, November 12, 2011

Search for Sapsuckers and Owls

November 11, 2011

Richard Stevens:

Four of us searched around Canon City for Sapsuckers (Fremont). We checked Rouse Park, the Abbey, Centennial Park and the Lakeside Cemetery. One Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was relocated at Centennial Park. It eventually flew southwest. Several Mountain Bluebirds were at the Cemetery.

A quick hike down the Arkansas Riverwalk to the spot where the Worm-eating Warbler and Black-throated Green Warbler were reported last week was unsuccessful in relocating the warblers. It had been several days since they were reported. We did see Eastern Bluebirds on the way back to our cars.

We were not able to relocate the Greater White-fronted Geese reported several times along MacKenzie Avenue. The time was not taken to check Willow Street.

We cut our trip short as weather forecasts are for inclement conditions in the mountains and Front Range for Saturday.

On the return to Denver, we searched the Park County reservoirs mostly for Snow Buntings and Rosy Finches. Neither was found. We did relocate the scoters found yesterday.

As we drove toward Antero Reservoir to search for Snow Buntings, two swans flew overhead and descended at Spinney Mountain Reservoir. We drove back there and found 2 Trumpeter Swans on the southwest end.

We checked for owls at the Buffalo Peaks Campgrounds; without success. None was found at the Michigan Creek Campgrounds. Finally, a Northern Pygmy-Owl was heard at the "old American Three-toed Woodpecker" road west of the Campgrounds (see CoBus website for details). Not much was making sounds at the Kenosha Pass Campgrounds.

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