Saturday, October 8, 2011

Trap Park

October 4, 2011

Richard Stevens:

We stuck to our plan of hiking into areas, waiting until dark, then walking back out and owling. This afternoon, we chose the Trap Park (and Creek) trail (Larimer). It is a long hike to the end; however is relatively "flat" mostly 10,000 to 10,200 feet in elevation (length approximately 3.0 miles). We did detour to Flat Top Mountain which was quite a climb (although only 355 feet and 0.7 miles).

Winds were 5-9 mph tonight. Owling was not as successful. We only heard two Boreal Owls. Bear signs (clawed Aspen trees) was quite numerous. No Bear sightings (not that we care to run into any) since they can outrun and out climb us.

One American Three-toed Woodpecker was the daytime highlight.

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