Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Short Owl Trip, Larimer and Jackson Counties

October 19, 2011

Richard Stevens:

Bryan Ehlmann and I arrived at Pennock Pass (Larimer) around midnight. We set up several "listening stations" and walked a mile either side of the summit. Two Flammulated Owls were still in the area. One was about 0.8 miles east of the summit. A second Flammulated Owl was along the fire road leading south from the Summit (about 500 yards from Larimer County Road 44H. The "listening stations" were of no use this night.

Not having any success in finding Boreal Owls around Joe Wright Reservoir and Cameron Pass, we hiked to the Crags Campgrounds and along the fire road leading south. A Boreal Owl responded to our recordings at about 0.4 miles south of the Campgrounds.

A first light we searched unsuccessfully for Sharp-tailed Grouse at their late fall/wintering grounds around Steamboat Springs.

We discovered the difficult way (by driving to Buffalo Pass) why no one has reported American Three-toed Woodpeckers at the pass this summer/fall. The pass was closed due to construction. Later we found that CDOT would try to open it by November 1st (of course, by then, snow may close it down again).

Bryan and I drove to the Colorado State Forest and got a few hours of sleep. At 10:00 PM, we heard a Boreal Owl along Ruby Jewell Road.

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