Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Colorado's Walk-In-Areas (fee areas)

Instead of waiting a week for a bird trips to finish and getting reports, I will transcribe telephone reports of current bird trips. Amy Davenport

October 11, 2011

The CoBus group started on a four or five day trip to survey Department of Wildlife "Walk In Areas". These areas are leased from private landowners to the state for hunting. A valid hunting license is required for entry. The properties open up on September 1st and close on October 31st.

Their first stop today was Last Chance Rest Stop where they relocated a White-throated Sparrow and Harris's Sparrow.

Reports from WIA included:
They wanted to emphasize that it takes much walking and helps to have several birders spread across an area to find the secretive birds.

Washington County WIA

At Roads O & 7
Grasshopper Sparrows (2)
Savannah Sparrow (1)
Vesper Sparrows

At CR N & 7
Vesper Sparrows
Say's Phoebe

At CR ZZ & 9

Yuma County Roads several Walk In Areas

At CR D & 5
Not much

At CR M & 1

At CR Y & 4

At CR 14 & B
Grasshopper Sparrow

After dark, they hiked from Highway 385 to Foster's Grove, Bonny Reservoir

Weather: fog early, calm winds 4 mph until 1:00 pm when winds picked up to 16 mph until 4:00 pm. Calm at sunset. High temperature was 65 degrees

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