Monday, October 17, 2011

Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area, Logan County

Instead of waiting a week for a bird trips to finish and getting reports, I will transcribe telephone reports of current bird trips. Amy Davenport

October 16, 2011

Today was an interesting day for the CoBus group. At two hours before sunrise, they relocated two Eastern Screech-Owls at Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area (6-8 East).

They then walked the southern section north of Logan County Roads 46 & 89. Sitting at the high point about 4 miles north of CR 46 has been a good place to spot Short-eared Owls in the past. None was found today. They did scope a Greater Prairie-Chicken wandering below the hill.

(4.0 miles north of Logan CR 46 at 4.3 miles east of CO 55)
(GPS: 40.82956 N 102.73962 W)

They then parked west of CO 55 and walked the southern section of Tamarack Ranch Wildlife Area. Sightings included:

Sprague's Pipit (2)
(Southwest section; 4.82 miles west of CO 55 at 0.91 miles south of I76)
(GPS: 40.77598 N 102.73962 W)

Greater Prairie Chicken
(2.34 miles west of CO 55 at 1.1 miles south I76)
(GPS: 40.79108 N 102. 84747 W)

In the afternoon, they got a call from a neighboring rancher who wanted a bird identified. There was a Varied Thrush visiting his ranch.

A fourth Varied Thrush in Colorado in the past two days was reported by a friend in Wray. She and her husband had a Varied Thrush visiting their yard since yesterday!

Weather today: winds steady at 15 mph, gusts to 22 mph at times; high temperature just short of 70 degrees F

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