Monday, March 16, 2015

Walking Around Bluff Lake Nature Area, Denver County

March 16, 2015

Richard Stevens:

What a beautiful almost spring day in Colorado.  Temperature reached 81 degrees for a new record.  Winds on the flatlands were 15-25 mph.  I chose to walk Bluff Lake Nature Area (Denver County) as it lies in a deep bowl below the windy flatlands.

Nothing uncommon was expected or found.  A few American Robins, Northern Flickers, a Belted Kingfisher, and a pair of Red-tailed Hawks were the total bird count.  I was able to stretch my legs during two circles around the property.

I stopped at the end of the boardwalk and played recordings of Virginia Rail and Sora.  Neither was successful today.  The lake does have water and is surrounded by cattails.  In a few weeks, I would expect both Virginia Rails and Sora to arrive. 

In the past, both have closely approached the boardwalk.

Highlight was seeing a pair of Coyotes on the north side of Sand Creek.  I looked again and there were four.  Another look and there were six.

I did photograph a turtle, which to me appeared to be a box turtle (however, id is beyond my interests).

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