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Cornucopia of gulls, Aurora Reservoir, Arapahoe County 2/28

February 28, 2015

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Hello cobirders;

This afternoon (2/28), I scoped gulls at Aurora Reservoir (Arapahoe) for three hours.  First, I took 523 photos of the tens of hundreds of gulls at the southwest corner.  It will take a day or two to examine all those photos.  Not all photos will be great; however, they are quite adequate to identify the birds.

Gulls identified in the three hours included:

Lesser Black-backed Gull (at least three, could have been six)
Thayer's Gulls (at least three)
Iceland Gull (1)
California Gulls (dozens)
Herring Gulls (dozens)
Ring-billed Gulls (hundreds)
Mew Gull (1)

I stayed from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm when the sun disappeared behind clouds.

It was a great afternoon to study various ages.  Four or five gulls were quite interesting and not yet Identified.

3/1; 2:00 am; Bryan and I just returned from owling in White Ranch and Golden Gate Canyon State Park (Jefferson County).  We found two Northern Pygmy-Owls on this rather cold night (9 degrees). 

While the night was cold, winds were calm.  One could hear a pin drop (not common this time of winter in this area where winds are usually 15+ mph).  One each Northern Pygmy-Owl at White Ranch and Golden Gate Canyon State Park (both Jefferson County).

Continued Good Birding!

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