Monday, March 2, 2015

A Short Trip to Rocky Mountain Arsenal & Denver City Park Before Another Snowstorm

February 21, 2015

Richard Stevens:

While out doing chores Rebbecca and I drove through the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams County).  An Harris's Spaorrow was with 34 American Tree Sparrows outside of the entrance.  The flock was around the parking area south of the main road, across from the parking area for the only restroom along that road.  They spent much time under the three evergreen trees, also flew up to small trees at the other end of the parking area  when a car would come by.

Forty one Double crested Cormorants are now around the nests at Duck Lake in Denver City Park, Denver County.  We found none four days ago.

It started to snow rapidly and we headed for home.  Streets were snow covered and icy by late afternoon.  Roads were too dangerous to drive the DIA Owl Loop.

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