Monday, March 16, 2015

Search for Adams County Dunlin & Trip to Arapahoe County

March 7, 2015

Richard Stevens:

Bryan Ehlmann and I arrived back in Denver this morning about 6:00 am from a week long grouse trip, details later. 

Bryan headed to bed and I headed over to McKay and 100th avenue (Adams County) to search for the previously reported Dunlin.  Several birders had looked before me today; however, I spent an hour scoping the lakes and river shore.  It was not found as far as I know.  After lunch, I returned a searched another 45 minutes; without success.  Earlier the Iceland Gull was on the northern East McKay Lake; after lunch, it had moved to the southern Lake.

My plan was to stop briefly at Aurora Reservoir and then look for Short-eared Owls in the southeastern corner of Arapahoe County.  When I arrived at Aurora Reservoir, 4:30 PM (Arapahoe County), two Lesser Black-backed Gulls were on the ice at the scuba beach area.  Thayer's Gulls stood out next to the taller Herring Gulls.  I counted two for sure, but thought there were additional Thayer's Gulls wandering among the many Ring-billed, California and Herring Gulls. 

Gulls continued to fly in from DADS Landfill (from the Northwest).  While trying to get an accurate count of the Thayer's Gulls (at least three now) a Glaucous Gull dropped in.  It stood above the nearby Herring Gulls! 

Two Greater Scaup swam just off shore of the east side of the large parking area northeast of the swim beach.

I ran out of daylight and had to skip my southeastern Arapahoe County Short-eared Owl search until another evening.

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