Monday, March 30, 2015

Four Owl Day in Adams County

March 29, 2015

Richard Stevens:

Soon I will be driving another 2400 miles on a Grouse Tour (in seven days).  I chose Barr Lake (Adams) to stretch my legs and get them really for the long drives.

Weather was superb, in the middle 70s with winds 5 mph.  Started in the afternoon, it turned out to be quite interesting with a four owl afternoon (four species).

The Barn Owl was back in the owl box near the Barr Lake banding station.  An Osprey stood on the nesting platform near the Pioneer Trail.  Great Horned Owls were sitting in nests (see map at Barr Lake Visitor's Center).

No uncommon sparrows were found around the Niedrach Boardwalk Trail.  Two rather late migrating American Tree Sparrows were in the taller bushes in the center of the loop.

My target bird(s) were swallows.  None was found anywhere along my trek. Still no swallows, flycatchers, orioles, warblers, are around.

Then I decided to drive the DIA Owl Loop.  Twelve Burrowing Owls were observed scattered over three locations.  Two of the locations are: Trussville Street and 114th avenue and the prairie dog town at 3.4 miles east of Tower Road and 96th Avenue.  The third location will be left hidden as the owls were quite close to a road.

Yesterday's Short-eared Owl was again along third Creek, east of Quency Street. It was closer today, hidden quite well in the first tree east of Quency Street.

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