Monday, March 23, 2015

Search for Chatfield Reservoir Rusty Blackbirds

March 20, 2015

Richard Stevens:

The weather turned colder with light snow showers today.  Rebecca and I drove down to Chatfield Reservoir to search for the Rusty Blackbirds reported by Alec Hopping at Plum Creek Delta on 3/17.  They were not found.

Plum Creek Delta, once one of the best birding locations in Colorado, is being flooded.  Beavers have destroyed 20 percent+ of the trees.  Their dams are assisting the Corp of Engineers plans and efforts to flood the area in order to store additional water at Chatfield Reservoir.

No Burrowing Owls at the prairie dog town and no Sagebrush Sparrows were found.  Historically, Sagebrush Sparrow(s) show up at Chatfield State Park (sand spit or Plum Creek Delta area) after a spring snowstorm.

Nothing uncommon was observed at Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe) when we drove through the area on our way home.

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