Friday, March 16, 2007

Slow Day in Adams County, Owl Loop & Barr Lake

March 16, 2007

Another side trip while doing chores, we drove the DIA Owl Loop and stopped at Barr Lake (Adams County). Nothing unusual was observed along either route. No Burrowing Owls again! The Harris's Sparrow now has not been reported since 3/4.

I then hiked along the Eastern side of Rocky Mountain Arsenal from 88th avenue to 56th avenue. No Burrowing Owls, many Western Meadowlarks were singing today! One American Kestrel, one Red-tailed Hawk, and one Sharp-shinned Hawk were found along with 201 European Starlings, 9 American Robins, and 7 Horned Larks.

Birding was slow again; however it should pick up soon. Temperatures reached 66 degrees; winds were 15-20 mph.

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