Sunday, March 4, 2007

Saturday Search for Owls

March 3, 2007

Terry Michaels and I went out looking for owls along the DIA Owl Loop (Adams County) before sunrise. None were found flying around this morning. Few birds were found (about 2 dozen Horned Larks).

We stopped by Barr Lake to check around mile marker 8.0 for Great Horned Owls or Barn Owls; again zilch. The Harris's Sparrow was again below the Visitor Center’s feeders.

After lunch we decided to try Deer Creek Canyon for owls. We made a quick stop at Denver City Park to search for an uncommon geese; without success. Two dozen Double-crested Cormorants were in nests on the island at Duck Lake (Denver County).

Along the way we also made a brief stop at Wheat Ridge Greenbelt (Jefferson). The eastern parking area is closed due to mud and we walked in from 41st Avenue. Here we had an unfortunate sighting. A squirrel was half out of the hole near Jack’s Place picnic table that the Eastern Screech-Owl has used many years in the past.

On to Deer Creek, we walked several miles of Deer Creek Canyon Road. Our only success was hearing a Northern Pygmy-Owl along the Creek. We never were able to put binoculars on the owl. The general area was where Deer Creek first moves away from the road (as one drives east from South Owens Road, just outside first subdivision up Deer Creek Canyon Road).

We did find several additional owls. A Short-eared Owl was found in Jefferson County (prefer to not reveal the location). Two Great Horned Owls were heard near the Waterton Canyon parking area.

We also checked Northern Pygmy-Owl locations of the past along Highway 93, north of Morrison, without success.

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Anonymous said...

Great report! I wish I could get out there more. When do you sleep? Gary Zeeto