Saturday, March 3, 2007

Birding Around Adams County

March 2, 2007

While out doing chores, I birded several locations around town. Temperatures never reached 30 degrees; winds were 5-10mph.

My first stop was the South Platte River at 74th avenue (Adams County). I hiked the loop from 74th avenue to 78th avenue, east to Engineer Lake, then north back to 74th avenue (Hwy 224). I did not find the Long-tailed Duck of previous visits.

Most of the lakes in the area were free of water. Expecting that the waterfowl had left the swallow Platte River for the deeper surrounding lakes, I scoped them. While scoping Tani Reservoir from the service road north of Hwy 224, I observed the male Long-tailed Duck in the northwest corner.

Not up to a long hike today, I scoped East Gravel Lakes from the high dirt mounds along 88th avenue. Male and female Barrow's Goldeneyes were among 20+ Common Goldeneyes just south of the East Gravel Lake Dam Tower.

I drove over to West Gravel Lakes, however did not find the third Barrow's Goldeneye (male) that has also been in the area for many weeks now.

It took about 2 minutes to locate the 1st winter Harris's Sparrow at Barr Lake (Adams). The bird was under the right side of the large bush off the southwest corner of the Visitor’s Center. Later, a ranger and I watched to fly below the feeders just outside of the Center.

Few birds few about in the strong winds as I drove the DIA Owl Loop.

My last stop was Lakecrest at Gateway Park (Denver County). Much of the lake was open water today. Several hundred gulls included Ring-billed and a dozen Herring Gulls. No uncommon geese or waterfowl were found. Winds by now were 20+ mph.

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