Friday, March 16, 2007

Search for Greater Prairie-Chickens

March 13, 2007

Stan Roth and I found 2 Greater Prairie-Chickens at the Yuma County 45 Lek. There were 7 additional Greater Prairie-Chickens at a private lek not far from there. (CR 45 lek is private land, however can be observed from a public road. Please do not leave the public road).

It was a pleasant day to bird on the eastern plains. Warm temps and little wind were encountered. We enjoyed the day driving where we could see for miles and little traffic was around!

In Wray we found a pair of Northern Cardinals and a Harris's Sparrow at a friend’s feeders. Five Eurasian Collared-Doves total were observed at two locations. They are not difficult to find in town.

Sandsage Wildlife Area was slow. Half a dozen White-crowned Sparrows were just about all that was seen. No Eastern Screech-Owls, we did run into a Great Horned Owl calling for a mate!

At another friend’s ranch we found 2 Eastern Screech-Owls and a Barn Owl.

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