Sunday, March 18, 2007

Search for Owls in Jefferson County

March 17, 2007

Four of us searched for Northern Pygmy-Owls (or any owls) in Jefferson County this morning. We checked Deer Creek Canyon, Reynolds Park, Pine Valley Ranch, and Red Rocks Park; without success.

Highlights of the day and what a beautiful day it was with calm winds and temps around 70 degrees:

A Dusky Grouse walked across the Oxen Draw Trail 30 yards south of the main parking area for Reynolds Park. We heard a wren along Elk Creek, however were not able to see it?

Several American Dippers were observed in Elk Creek on our drive over to the town of Pine.

A Pine Valley Ranch Park, we found a male American Three-toed Woodpecker east of the Buck Gulch Trail and approximately 400 yards south (uphill) of the junction of the Pine Lake Trail.

We checked and the road to Guanella Pass (by way of Grant) is closed.

A hike up the main trail to the old castle at Mt. Falcon Park did not find any owls or Dusky Grouse.

Two additional American Dippers were found at Lair 'O Bear Park. Quite a few people having a picnic here. No owls were around.

We walked around Red Rocks Park for 30 minutes hoping for some White-throated Swift flyovers; without success.

I ended my birding day at Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe). No gulls were seen at all; where do they go now? Three dozen white pelicans were at the eastern end of the lake. Water levels are high and there is little space on sandbars.

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