Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sedgwick County

May 31, 2019

Richard Stevens:

It warmed up to 82 degrees today.  Winds were calm with afternoon winds increasing in the afternoon to 21 mph.

The storms again stayed away as we visited Sedgwick County today.  It turned out to be a nice one!

Sand Draw Wildlife Area (Sedgwick) has always been one of my favorites.  A Barn Owl flew out of the western windbreak as we parked.  We discovered a Loggerhead Shrike nesting in the Wild Plum!

Two Eastern Bluebirds fluttered about the northwestern corner, while we found our target bird, a Field Sparrow along the eastern border.  Misses: the Wildlife Area is usually good for a Harris's Sparrow sighting, none today.

Much time was spent at Julesburg Wayside Rest Stop.  We discovered a male Baltimore Oriole, calling Great Crested Flycatcher and four Eastern Bluebirds.  

The area east across from the main section was checked. A Common Ground-Dove was found there on November 12, 2011 seen through December 2.  None was found today.

DePoorter Lake is another good spot to find Harris's Sparrows year round; although none was found today.  We did identify a Bell's Vireo and possible Alder Flycatcher.

We detoured west and stopped at Julesburg Wildlife Area (actually south of Ovid, not Julesburg).  A Broad-winged Hawk was perched in a cottonwood about 20 yards east of Sedgwick County Road 29.  

A bright red Northern Cardinal sang from the west side of the road. He eventually flew north into Ovid.  We could not relocate him; however did find a Red-bellied Woodpecker along Lodgepole Creek in Ovid Woods.  

Ovid Sewage Ponds area was quiet today.  It is another good spot for Harris's Sparrows and White-throated Sparrow.

Sedgwick Bar Wildlife Area added another Red-bellied Woodpecker and Great Crested Flycatcher to our trip list.  We had hoped for an Upland Sandpiper or American Woodcock.

Our birding day ended at Roger Danka's ranch with a great barbecue and listening to an Eastern Screech-Owl call!

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