Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Logan Back to Sedgwick County

June 4, 2019

Richard Stevens:

It warmed up even more today with a high of 88 degrees in Julesburg.  Winds were 15-16 mph with gusts to 30 mph.

Terry Michaels and I were back near the Logan/Sedgwick border today.  We walked quite a bit of Little Jumbo Reservoir (Logan).  Highlight was another Bell's Vireo to add to our trip list.  A Red-headed Woodpecker also drummed along the western side.

After several hours at Little Jumbo Reservoir, we moved on to the big one, Jumbo Reservoir (Logan/Sedgwick).  We scoped most of the western and southern sides and then walked the eastern Campgrounds to the northwestern end.  Quite a bit of mileage was put on our hiking boots today.  Again, afternoon storms shorted our birding day.

Highlights included two White-rumped Sandpipers off north of the southern restrooms.  Few uncommon were found along the eastern side or west below Logan County Road 95.  Usually a Northern Cardinal or interesting warbler is found below the road (toward Little Jumbo) not today.  A male Hooded Warbler popped out below the tall willows at the southwest end of the CR 95.

We played a recording of Least Bittern toward the eastern cattails and below the southern end of the dam.  No response was heard (found 7/2006 & 4/2012).  

Yet another Baltimore Oriole and a pair of Orchard Orioles were in the eastern Campgrounds.

A Mourning Warbler was almost perfectly hidden in willows west of the northern Campgrounds.  He popped out several times and provided nice views.  An Eastern Screech-Owl called from just west of there (however on private property).

We made a brief detour to the Pony Express Wildlife Area (Sedgwick).  No startling birds were found.  A drumming male Red-bellied Woodpecker was our only uncommon bird (really not uncommon for northeastern Wildlife Areas).

Julesburg Wayside Rest Stop (Sedgwick) was visited again.  Still no Common Ground-Dove, perhaps someday they will once again visit.  Two Chimney Swifts, the Great Crested Flycatcher and male Baltimore Oriole were seen.

Rain and hail with potential tornados ended our birding day.

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