Thursday, June 20, 2019

Mt Evans Byway & Highway 103

June 17, 2019

Richard Stevens:

High temperature was 68 degrees (much colder at Mt Evans).  Winds were 8-9 mph with gusts to 21 mph during the thunderstorm.

Doug Shannon and I headed to Mt. Evans Byway today.  A brief stop at Echo Lake found a male Barrow's Goldeneye swimming along the eastern edge.

At Summit Lake, we hiked to the northwestern corner.  Two Brown-capped Rosy Finches flew around and landed on the rocky hillside.

We then spent over 1.5 hours before running into a White-tailed Ptarmigan in the field east of the Summit Lake parking area.  Winds were cold and strong which made the search quite unpleasant.

Our legs recovered on the flatter trails at the Echo Lake Campgrounds.  A male American Three-toed Woodpecker was heard and seen along the Mt Captain trail between the Campgrounds and the cabins to the south.

Several stops were made along highway 103 between Echo Lake and Squaw Pass Road at highway 74.  No owls were found/heard this evening.

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