Thursday, June 13, 2019

Colorado State Forest Owl Study, Jackson County

June 9-13, 2019

Richard Stevens:

Great mountain weather, cool days and cold nights!

Terry Michaels and I conducted our owl nesting box survey in Jackson County.  Eventually we found seven Boreal Owls in the Colorado State Forest and two additional in Larimer County.

Hikes required (two overnight stays):
North Canadian River: 4.5 miles one way
Michigan Ditch: 5.0 miles one way
Gould Mountain: 3.0 miles one way
Lake Agnes & Crags Campgrounds: 3.0 miles one way
Bull Mountain: 5.0 miles one way

We also came across three Flammulated Owls and one Long-eared Owl (Michigan Ditch trail) in the Colorado State Forest.

Other birds encountered included:

The male American Three-toed Woodpecker north of the Colorado State Forest Visitor's Center (6/10).  We did not try to find it again.

Fox Sparrow (Slate-colored) behind the Colorado State Forest Visitor's Center on 6/13.  Along with Wilson's Warblers and a Lincoln's Sparrow

Rose-breasted Grosbeak fluttering about Grizzly Creek near highway 14.  It was a young male.  Rose-breasted Grosbeaks have been found nearby in three past years.

Greater Sage-Grouse: a male wandering the Delaney Butte Lakes area on 6/10.  A lone Red-necked Phalarope was also here.

No Greater Sage-Grouse were found around the Jackson County 26b and 26 leks; we searched twice.

Two American Three-toed Woodpeckers along the Zimmerman Lake Loop (Larimer) on 6/13. 

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