Friday, June 28, 2019

Another Trip to Eastern Adams County

June 28, 2019

Richard Stevens:

High temperature was a hot 93 degrees.  Winds were 7-8 mph with gusts to 16 mph.

I got out early this morning before the predicted 90+ degrees temperatures.  I hoped to relocated some Mountain Plovers, perhaps confirming nesting again this year in Adams County.

No Mountain Plovers were found today.   My usual loop was reversed today and first bird encountered was a noisy Cassin's Kingbird along Bradbury-Krebs Road.

A Short-eared Owl was flying around before sunrise west of Bradbury-Krebs Road and just south of 160th avenue.  The Burrowing Owl(s) continues along 160th avenue (0.5 miles/west/Yellow Jacket Road).

Later I swung by Richmil Ranch Open Space where at least four Cassin's Kingbirds continue.  Another Cassin's Kingbird continues just south of Deer Trail along CR 38 at East Bijou Creek.

It was warming up rapidly by 10:00 am and I headed for home.

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