Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Birding Around Sterling, Logan County

June 3, 2019

Richard Stevens:

Temperatures stayed warm topping 83 degrees.  Winds were around 9-10 mph most of the day.  Afternoon storms brought gusts of 28 mph.

Afternoon thunderstorms and threats of tornados greatly shortened our birding day.

We started at Overland Park on a pleasant warm and windless morning.  A Black-billed Cuckoo called approximately 1/4 mile down the trail.  We relocated a male Baltimore Oriole and several Bullock's Orioles on the walk back to the Visitor's Center.

There was no sign that the Purple Martin had remained in the area.  A Nashville Warbler came down for a drink perhaps 50 yards east of the Visitor's Center.  Nothing uncommon was found across the street and we headed up and down Logan County Road 370.

Knudson Wildlife Area calls for a good hike to get to the riparian area.  Eventually we encountered two Red-bellied Woodpeckers, four Eastern Bluebirds and a male Baltimore Oriole.

Bravo Wildlife Area on the east side of Highway 6 was a great stop today.  A Bell's Vireo gave us fits before we could positively identify it.  A calling Great Crested Flycatcher continued our frustration.  Trying to pick it out of the blowing cottonwood leaves was defeating.  Eventually we spotted the darn bird.  A drumming male Red-bellied Woodpecker did not cooperate much either.

Misses: no uncommon warblers, vireos and owls were found throughout our trek.  Looming thunderstorms arrived shortly after noon and we ran/drove for cover.

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