Friday, April 29, 2016

Loveland Pass

April 25, 2016

Richard Stevens:

Two European birding tours offered to let me tag along the past two weeks.  Colorado's weather has been quite inclement lately and I opted not to join them.  Both groups ran into much snow (up to 5 feet).  Sorry people, I made a good decision.

I did offer to show them White-tailed Ptarmigan at Loveland Pass.  Both groups had missed the elusive birds on previous attempts.

Pair of White-tailed Ptarmigan made me looks good (or at least that I knew what I was doing).  I found them in less than 15 minutes after stopping at the large pullover (first pullover) south of the Loveland Pass summit and west of Highway 9.

Good fortune is always enjoyable (having missed them on too many attempts to count).  I enjoy watching White-tailed Ptarmigan anytime they can be found.  Again, too many misses to remember, enjoy them when one can.

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