Sunday, October 25, 2015

Some Aurora Parks and Reservoirs

October 25, 2015

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca and I took two non-birding friends to Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams) to see the Bison, success on that!

I was told that Chipping Sparrows have been reported at four or five locations in the past week, including Rocky Mountain Arsenal.  A small flock of sparrows around the downed dead limbs and trees just east of Lower Derby Lake included two Chipping Sparrows, a Lincoln's Sparrow and two Song Sparrows!

I thought that was quite late for Chipping Sparrows; after checking records there are 34 additional Chipping Sparrow records in the last 25 years after October 25.  Several records are on December 31 (I have not check Christmas Counts which probably add additional records).

After dropping our tired friends at home, Rebecca and I drove toward Aurora.  A late migrating female or immature male Lark Bunting was along East Yale Avenue at 0.1 miles east of Smith Road.  One Vesper Sparrow and Rough-legged Hawk were also observed along Yale Avenue.

Nothing uncommon was on Quincy Reservoir (Arapahoe).  Aurora Reservoir was a little more interesting.  A female/immature Surf Scoter swam along mile 2.0.  The Common Loon was below the northwest corner of the dam.  No uncommon gulls were encountered.

Late baseball games kept Aurora Sports Park (Arapahoe) open.  I had on shorts and sandals; thereby negating a walk along Sand Creek.  Perhaps I can return tomorrow morning to search for the warblers found today?

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