Thursday, October 8, 2015

Elbert County to Arapahoe, Jefferson/Douglas and Adams Counties

October 3, 2015

Richard Stevens:

Bryan Ehlmann and I chased a Common Poorwill report from Elbert County today.  It was not relocated.

A quick stop at Arapahoe County Road 30 and Boxelder Creek found a Townsend's Warbler quite far east of its range.

We continued west to Chatfield Reservoir (Jefferson/Douglas) where the Arctic Tern stood on the marina sand spit when we arrived.

We stopped at Cherry Creek Reservoir to look for additional terns and found two Common Terns standing on the poles outlining the southwest marina (poles at extreme northwest corner of the marina).

We drove over to Barr Lake (Adams).  I was surprised that the three grosbeaks reported earlier in the day were still around.

We stood across the canal from the Visitor's Center and watched the three grosbeaks pick at the thistles along the canal.  The young male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was easy to identify.  We however were more interested in the other two grosbeaks that remained unidentified.  I took about 300 photos (to be looked at later).

Burrowing Owls were later observed along the DIA Owl Loop (Adams) at Trussville and 114th avenue & Picadilly Road (between 128th and 120th avenues).

A Short-eared Owl was observed flying over the field 0.2 miles south of the prairie dog town near third Creek and Quency Street (the town at 3.4 miles south of Tower Road & 96th avenue).

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