Thursday, October 8, 2015

Final Trip to Mt Evans for 2015

October 4, 2015

Richard Stevens:

I lead a final trip to Mt. Evans Byway today.  The road is scheduled to be closed for the season tomorrow.  As it turned out, the road was already closed at Summit Lake (fourteen miles short of a search for Ptarmigan at the top of the mountain).

We relocated three Brown-capped Rosy Finches at the northwest corner of Summit Lake.  It took four of us almost two hours to find a pair of White-tailed Ptarmigan east of the Summit Lake parking area (about 400 yards east of the main road).

Later a walk down the Captain Mt trail at the Echo Lakes Campgrounds found a male American Three-toed Woodpecker drumming just south of the trail.  No Dusky Grouse or Barrow's Goldeneyes were found today.

Later I drove the DIA Owl Loop (Adams) by myself.  Burrowing Owls were found at Trussville Road & 114th avenue and Picadilly Road between 128th and 120th avenues.  No Short-eared Owls appeared tonight.

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