Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Trip Up Interstate 76

October 6, 2015

Richard Stevens:

Terry Michaels and I drove up I76 to Jackson Reservoir (Morgan).  We ran into much fog early in the morning.  Winds were calm to 3 mph; temperature was in the low 50s until after Noon.

We spent about six hours birding the various sections of the State Park.  Before sunrise, we found an Eastern Screech-Owl and Long-eared Owl.

After sunrise, we saw the adult Parasitic Jaeger chasing gulls over the lake.  A Sabine's Gull was one of the many gulls flying about.

It took close to three hours before we relocated a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker that was reported the day before.

Warblers and vireos were absent.  We did not relocate the Black-bellied Plover reported yesterday.

On the way back to Denver, we stopped at Banner Lakes Wildlife Area (Adams).  No owls were found today.  Few birds moved around north of Highway 52.

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