Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pennock & Cameron Passes

September 3 to 4, 2010

Richard Stevens:

Four of us headed to Cameron Pass in the late afternoon. Our trek led us through Pennock Pass (Larimer County) where we stopped and played Flammulated Owl recordings every 0.2 miles west of the Summit.

We eventually found Flammulated Owls at four locations. Three were heard and one was observed. We did not use a spotlight because we have made many visits up here and do not want to disturb the owls more than they have been in the past. Two of the owls called without any playing of recordings.

It appears that the pair at the nesting hole has moved on. We did not hear any at that site.

At Cameron Pass, we heard two Boreal Owls. One of which needed no coaxing to call. Both were near known nesting sites.

While checking a third nesting site, we heard a Flammulated Owl! This was at 4:00 am in the morning.

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