Monday, September 13, 2010

Lincoln County Birding

September 13, 2010

Richard Stevens:

Bryan Ehlmann and I arrived at Karval Wildlife Area (Lincoln County) about an hour before sunrise and were not disappointed. A Short-eared Owl was observed flying in the field at the southwest corner of the property.

After sunrise, we found a Magnolia Warbler in the local trees.

At nearby Hugo Wildlife Area (Lincoln) a Broad-winged Hawk, Northern Waterthrush and out of place Olive-sided Flycatcher were added to our day list.

Kinney Lake Wildlife Area (also Lincoln) had only a few common birds.

Limon was quiet, bird wise.

We continued north to Flagler Reservoir (Kit Carson) where birding picked up some. The Cassin's Vireo reported yesterday by Jerry Petrosky and all, was still below the dam. Unfortunately, the Broad-winged Hawk was not.

The Northern Waterthrush was still at the southwest corner of the reservoir. A flock of 17 Cedar Waxwings was interesting, but had no Bohemian Waxwings with it. A male Blue Grosbeak hawked insects near the southeast restroom.

We waited until dusk to see if owls would fly around. While none was observed around the reservoir, one was seen hovering north of the reservoir (north of Kit Carson "V" Road).

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