Sunday, September 19, 2010

Northeastern Colorado

September 19, 2010

Richard Stevens:

Bryan Ehlmann, Ray Simmons, Jacob Washburn and I birded in northeastern Colorado today. It was hot and mosquitoes were abundant. The day was not birdy and we had to work to find the few interesting birds.

At Prewitt Reservoir (Logan/Washington), Jacob and I were dropped at the west end while Bryan and Ray started at the eastern end.

Jacob and I found a Blackpoll Warbler at the west end. We continued east and found a Townsend's Warbler and Palm Warbler west of the cove at the main camping area. The resident Eastern Screech-Owl could not be coaxed out into the warm sunshine.

Bryan and Ray found an Olive-sided Flycatcher at the east end. Later they saw a Cassin's Vireo and Plumbeous Vireo below the dam. They also did not succeed in enticing the "resident below the dam" Eastern Screech-Owl out.

At Brush Wildlife Area (Morgan), we found a male Red-bellied Woodpecker. Again failing to tempt a resident Eastern Screech-Owl out.

Our final stop was Jackson Reservoir (Morgan) where Ray and I were dropped off at the southeast corner while Jacob and Bryan started at the northwestern Campgrounds.

Just to add a fourth missed Eastern Screech-Owl to our day, we tried recordings below the dam (near the manager's residence); without success. A Blackburnian Warbler was a consolation prize for Ray and me.

Meanwhile, Bryan and Jacob found a Townsend's Warbler or two in the tall cottonwoods along the western shore (east of the north end of the Campgrounds).

They found a vireo that evaded them in the grove of trees at the northwest corner parking area for the boat ramp. After a good 40 minutes, they identified a Cassin's Vireo.

Best bird of the area was a Palm Warbler with 7 Yellow-rumped Warblers in the cottonwoods south of the boat ramp.

No Long-eared Owls were found by any of us. Several Great Horned Owls called near dusk. An Eastern Screech-Owl (finally) called after sunset (west side).

We stopped at Banner Lakes Wildlife Area (Weld) and played owl recordings. No response this evening.

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