Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Superb Birding Day On The Eastern Colorado Plains

November 6, 2017

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca and I enjoyed a great birding day.  Temperatures were warmer than yesterday at 51 degrees.  Winds were 6-7 mph with a few gusts to 21 mph.

An Eastern Meadowlark was singing and calling at the northeast corner of Jumbo Reservoir (Sedgwick).  A Snow Bunting flew around the point at the southeast corner of the dam (Logan/Sedgwick).  Unfortunately, the Surf Scoter and Red-throated Loon reported by Mlodinow yesterday could not be found in the high waves.

Our next stop was Sterling Reservoir (Logan).  A Barn Owl flew out of the trees north of the Campgrounds.  While scoping the northern shore for shorebirds (none found) we had a female Snow Bunting briefly land in front of us.

Misses: no uncommon gulls, scoters, loons or other waterfowl were observed.

Back at Prewitt Reservoir (Logan/Washington), we again searched unsuccessfully for the American Golden-Plover and Dunlin.  Many shorebirds were far off in the southeastern corner and too distant to identify.

On the lake below the dam, a Greater Scaup was our only uncommon waterfowl.  While a Red-bellied Woodpecker was first heard and then seen below the dam.

Misses: again no loons, scoters or uncommon gulls.

Our final stop was Jackson Reservoir (Morgan) A Common Loon swam along the dam.  Three Bonaparte's Gulls flew up and down the western shore.

We relocated two Long-eared Owls and the resident Eastern Screech-Owl.  No Short-eared Owls appeared this evening as we stood about 50 yards north of the northwestern Campgrounds. A Great Horned Owl called as we drove out of the State Park.

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