Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Sedgwick County Birding

November 5, 2017

Richard Stevens:

Temperatures only reached 40 degrees.  Winds were 6-7 mph with gusts to 15 mph.

Rebecca and I found a red form of Fox Sparrow and two Harris's Sparrows at DePoorter Lake (Sedgwick). Two Red Crossbills seems out of place.  However, some years we do see a few on the Eastern Plains.

We searched nearby Julesburg Wayside Rest Stop and Wildlife Area for uncommon birds without running into any.  Special attention was paid to locations where Common Ground-Doves and American Woodcock have been found in previous years.  Neither was found.

Later Roger Danka and I visited several ranches.  Private ranch #2 added two Long-eared Owls to our trip list.  Private ranch #5 added Long-eared Owl and Field Sparrow. 

Roger had two Eastern Screech-Owls call at his ranch after sunset.

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