Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Several Trips to First Creek Trail, Adams County

November 13, 2017

Richard Stevens:

What a beautiful day!  Temperatures reached 73 degrees; winds were only 5-6 mph.

The third time was a charm.  I stopped at First Creek Trail, Adams County section this morning and found only the birds encountered yesterday, no Common Redpoll.

On the return trip, I stopped again.  This time (3:35 pm), a Common Redpoll was on top of a cottonwood tree.  The tree was along First Creek at 30 yards west of Buckley Road, not far from the trailhead.

I managed to get some witness shots to confirm Common Redpoll.  They are backlight and not great as show type photos.

On the walk back to the Buckley Road 56th Avenue parking area, a Northern Shrike was perched along the fence.

Instead of walking farther west along the First Creek Trail, I drove the DIA Owl Loop.  Raptors included two Ferruginous Hawks, three Red-tailed Hawks, one American Kestrel and one Prairie Falcon.  No Short-eared Owls appeared this evening.

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